Daisy-May Tinklepants (rivakk) wrote,
Daisy-May Tinklepants

another crazy story

i recently visited a monastary in the utah mountains with some friends to listen to gregorian chanting, it was awesome, i enjoyed myself immensley, took tons of the most beautiful photos ever

its the kind of place where it is so beautiful you cannot breathe and every thought leaves your head, you feel peace, even the silly song on a loop through my head left

when i was ready to leave i couldn't find my keys, i had been walking over their entire farm so i hoped they were still in the church, i walked back in, walked back out, we traced my steps over and over and over.

i couldn't find them, a monk came over to inform us that they were closing their gates for the night, but we were welcome to sleep here should we need to, i said we would leave in a few minutes and ran back into the church

inside i looked again and there was a solitary monk praying, he looked up at me and said, "how are you my child?", i said i am doing very well just trying to find my keys, he asked if they were to my home or to my car, i said they are my home and truck keys, he stood and walked outside with me, i felt badly, i had been walking through the grass barefoot, and was now barefoot in his church,

we talked about how beautiful it was and watched the sun sink lower over the fields, he then took my hands in his and looked me in the eye, he had white hair, a soft beard and gentle blue eyes, i felt really happy and safe, he asked if i had ever heard of saint anthony, i said that i hadn't and he told me he was the patron saint of lost articles, he asked if i would pray with him, we bowed our heads and prayed to saint anthony

with my hand still clasped between his, he showed me the fields and the honey that they harvested (they are completley self-sustaining) , we stood in tall grass to watch the sunset and i looked down and my keys were a foot in front of me,

my friends are watching all of this, completely confused

when i picked them up and looked into his face he said, "you wish to go now, but before you do let me bless you my child" he put his hands on my head and blessed me, i thanked him and walked away more happy than i have ever been

need i say i walked all around that place, we went right to those keys

whitney jokingly said that she thought the monk put them there

i'll show photos next post, when i have the energy, absolutley stunning place

i might study agriculture
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